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This is how I feel starting something new with this blog… like a baby flamingo trying to stand on one leg

Welcome to my new blog my literary attempt to decipher what is going on…

Why did I do this?

People I’m going back to my roots as educated as I am about learning and people in psychology and help people learn and the best way to get them to learn writing is still at the base of my roots.

About a year and a half ago I was teaching and I congratulated someone while I was subbing. I congratulated her on her marriage and clapped and she got mad. She blabbed to the headmistress a.k.a. the principal that she didn’t like that I congratulated her. Too bad that she asked for my tag and my computer because a lot of backbiting goes on. She’s all psyched about her marriage that was coming up what was then less than 6 months. So I left I didn’t argue I just get my tag headed in their computer grab my stuff walked across the street got an iced tea at McDonald’s and called for my ride home.

It was still in the middle of a pandemic and I always said to myself I would like to stick to my roots have the courage to help my husband and his legal practice at the same time.

Trust me people, had the makings of a fiction story and I couldn’t make any of this up.

So here I am 15 to 16 months later and I’m just thrilled to have a been able to help my husband because we’ve had at least a dozen and a half clients that it was not conserved had I not done this.

But I need to kick things up a little bit more so I put together my desk 3 1/2 months after we moved into this condo and I have started to write my book again.

I’ll be going on Goodreads and Amazon kindle a lot more and kicking things up even more than I have been before.

Actually, I started last week I got up at 4:30 did all my quiet time and meditation and started really concentrating and finishing this thing which is a tale narrated in the first person .

Most the time it’s written here at the at the red desk.

I’m Jeanne, nice to meet you!